Madame Reynard's Letter

Dear Child,

I hope you are in good health! There is much work for you to do. Yes, much work indeed for you to do. If you were unwell, it would not get done and that would be terrible! Hee Hee!

There is a gentlemen who shall introduce himself to you as Mr. Friendly. He’s waiting for you in the Fallen Angel Bar & Grill in the small village of Burntars just west of the city of Dungskirk. You simply can not miss it! It is such a funny little village! Hoo hoo hoo!

Mr. Friendly will be looking to hire a person for a silly little job. You will be that person! Aren’t you excited?! Don’t you want a job?! Well, you, unfortunately, don’t have much say in the matter! Events transpire and the fates conspire and you, like everyone, will bend and break in the wind. HEE HOO HEE HEE HAH!

Well, time’s up for me, child, and it’s now time for tea. Good luck, and all my love!


-Madame Reynard

Madame Reynard's Letter

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